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Boating Pier - Marketplace for Boats

Welcome to Boating Pier! 

Boating Pier is a marketplace to sell, rent, and share boats and services with the other members of in this marketplace. 

Are you in holiday and want to have some water activities? But get problems to find a suitable boat for rent?

Have a plan of a big event on a luxury boat? And realize it is really time consumable to check Google search results one by one?

Have a boat for sale, and spent time and money to put your ads on newspapers, eBay or other websites? In the end only get few calls? 

Boating Pier wants to help solve all of these issues. Boat Events, Boat Charter, Boat Stay, Wedding Cruise, or Boat License Courses, all kinds of boat rent, activities and services, you may find here. Or want to sell your boat? No problem. We can help you to increase the chances of selling your boat.

Find your dream boat here or list yours on Boating Pier today. Easy and quick!